Benefits of Having Aluminum Window and Door Frames

If you are a homeowner in Fort Lauderdale, FL, you have likely weighed the options when it comes to the types of window and door frames to install. Local installation experts can assist with making this important decision, but homeowners can get a head start on making the right decision for their homes by learning about their options. An ideal option for those living near the Florida coast is aluminum.

Energy Efficiency

When you use local installation experts to install aluminum frames, they will ensure that a tight seal is established around the frame to prevent drafts. Aluminum on its own may conduct heat, but the seal formed around the door or window mitigates this issue to improve energy efficiency over other materials.

Easier Upkeep

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, aluminum window and door frames need little to no upkeep. Aluminum frames are lighter and stronger than materials such as wood, and the materials are not prone to issues such as dry rot.

Wood and other building materials can be difficult to clean. Cleaning an aluminum door or window frame is as easy as wiping the frames down with a damp cloth.


Hurricane season spans a period of six months in South Florida, and it is important for homeowners to choose building materials that can withstand severe storms. Aluminum frames are resistant to the corrosion that is common with a combination of humidity and salt from the Florida coast. Aluminum is impact resistant and is not susceptible to the bending or cracking that can occur with other materials.

The durability of aluminum door and window frames also helps protect against break-ins for increased security. For more information on how aluminum window and door frames can benefit your home, call All About Doors & Windows today.

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